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Please use our service after setting up the security safely.

Security Level




Google Authenticator


Advanced Protection

Google Authenticator

Enhance your security with OTP.

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Bind 2FA via Google Authenticator

  • Download the official Google Authenticator App.

  • Scan the QR code below

  • Store your Recovery Key Phrase (RKP) securely.

  • OTP Usage Guide

  • Activate Google Authenticator

Download the official Google Authenticator App.

Download the official Google Authenticator App from Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

Download for

App Store

Download for

Google Play

Scan the QR code with your app.

Scan the QR code below with Google Authenticator, or enter the key phrase manually to activate the authentication token.

Enter the OTP 6-digit code.

Enter the 6-digit number sent by email/phone.

Save the security key.

The key phrase is used to recover Google Authenticator in case of device loss or replacement. Please be sure to securely store the key phrase before setting up Google Authenticator.

Google OTP is used for security purposes such as quick withdrawal and withdrawals.

Before changing your mobile device, please transfer your existing OTP to the new device.

Please contact customer support if you need to change or have lost your OTP.

Withdrawals will be temporarily suspended for 24 hours after changing your OTP.

Google OTP setup completed.

You can now protect your account using Google OTP.

KYC Verification

KYC verification is required for deposits and withdrawals through TravelRule.

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Turn on email Anti-Phishing to protect your account more securely.

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